Sew…a few months ago I saw some pictures of a very pink room with some very pink marshmallow type chairs, this peeked my curiosity.        Then about 3 weeks ago I was reading Time Out and saw the Pink Room and the Chairs…Happy Happy girl. I discovered that they were at Sketch, a restaurant in Mayfair. I immediately went to my go-to-for-girlie-things friend and asked if she wanted to go…Of Course!

I booked on line and we were on our way. I was planning on wearing a cute dress but the weather was not going to agree with me so I had chosen nice jeans and a floaty blouse combo. Fifteen minutes before I was due to leave, the weather changed and I went with the dress. 😎 I teamed this with white socks and my new black loafers. If it’s good enough for Alexa Chung is’s good enough for me. With a HUGE black handbag I was ready to take on Mayfair!

Both my friend and I actually arrived on time which is so unlike us, so we did a small High Five.  We got told where to go and went to the Gallery Room. There are 4 rooms in total. The Parlour, The Lecture Room, The Glade and The Gallery which is where we were heading.

We got shown to our table and I reminded our waitress that I’m a vegetarian so a few tweeks were made  to our Cream Tea selection which made me a happy. I choose White Pearl tea and my Friend choose the Earl Grey.

A few minutes later our Sommelier came and asked us which Champagne we would would like and we choose the Brut. I had to stop my self  chugging it down and sipped it sophisticated like!.

I won’t go into detail about what we had in case you want to go but, it was divine. One thing I will say is that the Panini was absolutely LUSH.

Lots of girlie chat was excahnged while we ate (nibbled) and sipped champagne. Then we were asked which scones we would like. We picked plain and decided to spread the Devon way. Clotted Cream and then Jam. I only had the one pot of tea which was enough for me as I’m not a massive tea drinker but it was beautiful none the less. Below are a few pictures of Sketch.


Outside sign!


Cute dress and loafers combo


Pink marshmallow chairs

IMG-20150813-WA0007 (1)

Egg like spaceship toilets

Egg like spaceship toilets



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