Quilt quest

In the New Year of 2014 a new magazine came out. Now being VERY new to sewing (through the soft furnishing course) I thought this would be a good thing to do. Now, July 2015, I am about 1 year behind. I have embroided 27 squares- I should have done about 85 by now – Any way, my quest continues. I will try and do at least one a week, Here’s hoping.

Your encouragement would be appreciated xx


Sew…a few months ago I saw some pictures of a very pink room with some very pink marshmallow type chairs, this peeked my curiosity.        Then about 3 weeks ago I was reading Time Out and saw the Pink Room and the Chairs…Happy Happy girl. I discovered that they were at Sketch, a restaurant in Mayfair. I immediately went to my go-to-for-girlie-things friend and asked if she wanted to go…Of Course!

I booked on line and we were on our way. I was planning on wearing a cute dress but the weather was not going to agree with me so I had chosen nice jeans and a floaty blouse combo. Fifteen minutes before I was due to leave, the weather changed and I went with the dress. 😎 I teamed this with white socks and my new black loafers. If it’s good enough for Alexa Chung is’s good enough for me. With a HUGE black handbag I was ready to take on Mayfair!

Both my friend and I actually arrived on time which is so unlike us, so we did a small High Five.  We got told where to go and went to the Gallery Room. There are 4 rooms in total. The Parlour, The Lecture Room, The Glade and The Gallery which is where we were heading.

We got shown to our table and I reminded our waitress that I’m a vegetarian so a few tweeks were made  to our Cream Tea selection which made me a happy. I choose White Pearl tea and my Friend choose the Earl Grey.

A few minutes later our Sommelier came and asked us which Champagne we would would like and we choose the Brut. I had to stop my self  chugging it down and sipped it sophisticated like!.

I won’t go into detail about what we had in case you want to go but, it was divine. One thing I will say is that the Panini was absolutely LUSH.

Lots of girlie chat was excahnged while we ate (nibbled) and sipped champagne. Then we were asked which scones we would like. We picked plain and decided to spread the Devon way. Clotted Cream and then Jam. I only had the one pot of tea which was enough for me as I’m not a massive tea drinker but it was beautiful none the less. Below are a few pictures of Sketch.


Outside sign!


Cute dress and loafers combo


Pink marshmallow chairs

IMG-20150813-WA0007 (1)

Egg like spaceship toilets

Egg like spaceship toilets



Banana Pancakes

Sew… the boy bought loads of bananas home a few days ago and I knew I had to use them the best way I know how, Banana pancakes. I would usually only do this on a Sunday but seeing that I am off for the summer, I have time to do them in the week, the added bonus is that they freeze fantastically. Below I have tweeked my recipe with only a few ingredients that you may have in the cupboard at home. Obviously this is without eggs which is a bonus. 😆

110g Oats. if you have a food processor, blitz them. If not, don’t sweat it. 

75g Brown Self Raising Flour, Or White S-R flour

350ml Almond flour, or any non dairy milk to your liking

2 bananas mashed. Mash them in the skin before peeling, makes it a bit easier

I guess I really should half the mixture but haven’t got round to it!

Either serve with The Blueberry Sauce, Maple Syrup or Agave Nectar

20150813_095343 20150813_095328
The banana pancake mix. I did blitz the oats so the pancakes were smoother Blueberry Sauce made from my favourite recipe book Thug kitchen


20150813_100037 20150813_102113
Banana Pancakes frying Healthy Breakfast



Storage Tin

Sew…I decided to make some storage tins to give as birthday pressies to friends.

Last year I gave cushions, this year it HAD to be something different.

As I said, I work in a school so I use tin a lot. Baked Beans, Kidney beans, tomato puree all sorts, so, only when I had the car, I took tins home accumulated over a few days.

I have progress pictures, as always but if you want instructions just tell me…xx

Tin before I sprayed it After spraying Strips of studs
 Tin before I sprayed it  After spraying  Strip o’ studs
Studs on tin Adding diamantés to the tin Added diamantés, took ages!
Studs on Tin Adding diamantés to tin Added diamanté to tin

Finished tin. Check the tidy table too!

Finished tin. Check the tidy table too!

Skirt Making

August 11th 2015

Sew, I’m going bowling on Saturday with The Positive People Of Hill Valley Preservation Society, PPHV. And I need a skirt for the occasion.

Last year, I went to Secret Cinema, Hill Valley and hadthe most spectacular time and met some great people. This has led to a group of people getting together purely from meeting online, sorta online dating, without the dates, well except for the occasional meet up.

I went to Nandos with a few of them a few weeks ago to celebrate a New Job offer for one of the girls. She has just left Uni and has got a job as a Graphic Designer, well done Chickie!!!  Some LOVELY food was had. It has changed so much over recent years. They’ve added a new flavour, Lemon and Herb was always my favourite though.

So, back to my skirt. I bought the fabric some time ago (well, that is what I will tell the boy). I bought it on Saturday from Shepherds Bush. I was quite overwhelmed by the choice in some of the shops but found the PERFECT one, well 2, helped along, making a decision by Connie 🙂

Ill be using the blue one for my skirt and the black one for a dress

I’ll be using the blue one for my skirt and                       the black one for a dress

There are loads of posts on YouTube as to how to make a Circle Skirt so I won’t go into it here as I’m not going to make a video and I’ve already started to draft my pattern. Just waiting for the fabric to dry.

More on that tomorrow!!

August 16th 2015

Sew, as I was saying. I forgot, yet again, to wash my fabric as Soon as I walked in the door. Well I was hiding it from the boy so it made sense. Anyhow I finished the skirt…after a small hitch, trying to re thread my overlocker, which I had not done before. I have had my GORGEOUS overlocker for 3 months now and this would be the first time that I was using it.  So that was challenging,  running out of bobbin thread:don’t you hate it when that happens and thus messing up my hem. I finally finished with about an hour to spare before I had to leave. I’m silly and didn’t take a picture with it on me so will add a picture tomorrow .



Chinese Top

We had Chinese New Year coming at at school and I had 4 days to make a top. We had to do it a week before as we would have been on half term.

IMG-20150205-WA0003IMG-20150205-WA0001I found the pattern and the fabric at the same store. I had been eyeing this fabric for a while so hoped it was still there.

It certainly wasn’t the easiest pattern to work with. New Look not easy…Simplicity, I’ll tell you when I’ve done one…I’ve not got instructions from the pattern sheet obviuosly but I have pictures of the stages. I worked on the top (not including the cutting of the pieces) from 4pm until about 10pm for four days. I’ve yet to wear it out, but I will when I finish off the dodgy edging that is on the top now. This was before I got my overlocker!


Side seams done Black piping added
Side seams done Black piping added
Frog closures added Back view
Frog Closures added Back View


All in all, it wasn’t too bad but next time I would definitely not add Frog closures as It hid the piping which took me soooo long to do.
When I tidy up the seams and wear it I’ll post a picture…





Older Stuff

So, A little while ago I got into watching Bones a great American TV series, bear with me. For those that have yet to see this programme, it centres around the Jeffersonian Institute. A team of six mainly, tries and succeeds in finding out the cause of death from bones hense the name. Temperance Brennan  (an anthropologist) and Seeley Booth (an FBI special agent) turn up to the scene of, I can’t really say a crime, a place where there are bones. It might have been a body was moved there, trapped/burned or murdered there. Their job is to find out who they were, etc, etc, etc… Very gripping stuff and seeing that I have seen many episodes from Series 7 & 8,  I know what is going to happen in their personal lives, I just wanted to see how they got there.


Newer Stuff


So Scandal….OMG, LOVE IT with a passion.

I was gripped from the first minute of the 1st episode. Not like Breaking Bad which I don’t like at all. People have said stick at it, it’ll get good in series 2 but I can’t be bothered with all that nonsense. Why waste my time on getting through a series that I am bored with. Anyway, back to Scandal. Based around Olivia Pope. A fixer. You kill someone, she can fix it. You’re a high powered man or woman and you need to give a good image to the press, she can fix it. Someone you love has gone missing she can fix it BUT her main person she (used to) fixes is the President of the United States, Fitzgerald “Fitz” Grant. Hot totty that Olivia tries and fails to stay away from. The have MAD burning, can’t stay away from each other chemistry.

Fans now await series 5, can’t spoil the end of series 4 if you have yet to see it but it is BRILLIANT.

Newer stuff

Last year I happened upon a series, entitled “My Mad Fat Diary”. Based on the book written by Rae Earl.                                                                                                                                                             A real life diary written by an overweight, music mad, boyfriend crazy 16 year old girl in the 90’s, a great musical decade. One of my fav’s actually. The decade I discovered Indie/rock and alternative.  Anyway this diary is of her accounts going through life with a mental illness, her mother being married to a Moroccan and her fit totty boyfriend Finn.




My name is Sam and I was born to Jamaican and Guyanese parents. A true London girl with a bit of spice. I travelled a lot (not a boast) so have a bit of life experience. I am a trained chef and a new vegetarian, crafter, sewer and blogger. I love pink, Hello Kitty, Back To The Future, Dirty Dancing and the 50’s.

I’m going to say and do random stuff, so please leave positive comments, and try to get through life with a smile. xx   😆

Colour Run

Colour Run – July 29th 2015

So why had I decided to do this colour run? Well, for one, I thought it was on a Saturday and 2, I thought it would be a lot of fun, with a bunch of mates and would be mates. Angelique made a whatapp group and the messages started. Message back and forth about when we should be meeting up, what we were wearing, and just random girls stuff.

I suggested 2 weeks before the run to meet up for drinks to discuss running strategies, outfits etc. It just ending up beind a boozy early evening in the beer garden & Night inside. I didn’t mind as one outfit mentioned took my fancy-TUTUS

.Tutu and goggles

Although excited for the following week, I was none the wiser as to where it was, what some of the other girls looked like, what time we were running and some of the finer details.

I eventually got this info from my Angel and my mind was at rest.

On Saturday I pimped 4 pairs of goggles and decided which 2 of the seven tutus that I had received we’d need! Ordering panic! I babysat my Nephews that evening.

Sunday rolls around and after some more messaging in the morning- I got up, had a shower ate some breakfast, done some general running around the house and was picked up at 10.30.

We met up with another Sam, got our T-shirts and waited for the other to arrive.

We were due to have our warm up at 12.30, which was basically a short Zumba class. but before that could happen we had to get down, low and when the beat dropped…it went a bit crazy. Alot of people had paint sachetsthat they just threw in the air ad you get covered. It was all the pre run party to get you in the mood.

Jumping with paint

Jumping with paint

We all (14 of us) made our way to the start, where you could see the obstacles from and waited then another 20 minutes before we actually was went. The first obstacle just a wooded upright panel with foot holds on it. Then we got sprayed with paint. Now this was good paint as it was just coloured cornflour which doesn’t stain clothes or hair.

So, not to go into boring detail, various inflatable obstacles were tackled that we had to either crawl through, under, over or push through and eventually we all finished. We slid down a giant slide and walked through some foam. Collected a  pack of colour paint, joined the end party and threw it and danced again.

SO, that was my colour run experience. xx



Quilt Quest

In the New Year of 2014 a new magazine came out. Now being VERY new to sewing (through the soft furnishing course) I thought this would be a good thing to do.


Now, July 2015, I am about 1 year behind. I have embroided 27 squares- I should have done about 85 by now – Any way