Colour Run

Colour Run – July 29th 2015

So why had I decided to do this colour run? Well, for one, I thought it was on a Saturday and 2, I thought it would be a lot of fun, with a bunch of mates and would be mates. Angelique made a whatapp group and the messages started. Message back and forth about when we should be meeting up, what we were wearing, and just random girls stuff.

I suggested 2 weeks before the run to meet up for drinks to discuss running strategies, outfits etc. It just ending up beind a boozy early evening in the beer garden & Night inside. I didn’t mind as one outfit mentioned took my fancy-TUTUS

.Tutu and goggles

Although excited for the following week, I was none the wiser as to where it was, what some of the other girls looked like, what time we were running and some of the finer details.

I eventually got this info from my Angel and my mind was at rest.

On Saturday I pimped 4 pairs of goggles and decided which 2 of the seven tutus that I had received we’d need! Ordering panic! I babysat my Nephews that evening.

Sunday rolls around and after some more messaging in the morning- I got up, had a shower ate some breakfast, done some general running around the house and was picked up at 10.30.

We met up with another Sam, got our T-shirts and waited for the other to arrive.

We were due to have our warm up at 12.30, which was basically a short Zumba class. but before that could happen we had to get down, low and when the beat dropped…it went a bit crazy. Alot of people had paint sachetsthat they just threw in the air ad you get covered. It was all the pre run party to get you in the mood.

Jumping with paint

Jumping with paint

We all (14 of us) made our way to the start, where you could see the obstacles from and waited then another 20 minutes before we actually was went. The first obstacle just a wooded upright panel with foot holds on it. Then we got sprayed with paint. Now this was good paint as it was just coloured cornflour which doesn’t stain clothes or hair.

So, not to go into boring detail, various inflatable obstacles were tackled that we had to either crawl through, under, over or push through and eventually we all finished. We slid down a giant slide and walked through some foam. Collected a  pack of colour paint, joined the end party and threw it and danced again.

SO, that was my colour run experience. xx



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