Planting Herbs

I’ve been wanting to plant my herbs since last summer when they decided to die…🙁. As I had lots of seeds from last year here they are again. Let’s hope they spring up soon and last me through the summer.

Parsley is thyme and chives are coriander!

My current Basil dying on me!

You see little miss cow in the background looking disapprovingly at me. Lets cross our fingers! They grow.

S.  Xx



Sew, last year I heard about Veganuary in December. I have wanted to try being a vegetarian since I was in High School, but liked my meat too much. The main focus of Veganuary is to ask as mainly people as possible to become vegan for the month of January. One person not eating any animal products for a day would save 1 animal. Veganuary is in it’s 3rd year now and growing every year.


I emailed one of the organizers, Matt and asked would it be OK for me to go vegetarian instead of vegan. He said that he was vegetarian for many years before going vegan so of course it would be OK. This Vegunary gave me the little push I needed. I hadn’t really thought it through. I started on the first of February 2015. It was a Sunday. Usually on a Sunday I would have a fried egg on toast. Before I even got out of bed, I watched ‘100 reason to be Vegan’ on YouTube. I didn’t have a fried egg that morning or have done since. I ate vegan for 2 weeks, and that was it. I didn’t go back to eating meat although I did have a piece of Salmon during that 2 weeks. Trying to justify it, I know though that this will be my last piece of fish that I will ever have. I grilled it to perfection and had it with some New Potatoes and green beans. It was good and I have not touched fish nor flesh since. I tried to be vegan but turned vegetarian. I tried not to eat too many things with egg or milk in the ingredients but I was either too hungry of lazy to care. I love Halloumi and Cakes and I love snacks.

Toward the end of last year, Mid December, I thought “I can do this”, I have been almost vegan this past year, lets do this. I signed in again to the Veganuary website and pledged to do it. Long story short, I only done 2 weeks. I did become vegetarian though so I was/am doing some good.


So through out the year I was a vegetarian. Cutting down on my egg intake and cutting down on my dairy. Sew, toward the end of last year, I decided to do it again but being more prepared than last year.

Sew, January began and lets just say…SUCCESS!! I found it alot easier than last year, I guess because I knew what was to come and an idea as to what to eat. I was vegan for the whole month of January.

So, I class myself as still a vegetarian as I have products in the freezer and cupboard that need to be eaten, Quorn products mainly and also cheese, which is another matter altogether.

I also spent a week in France, in February, snowboarding on a full board basis so being a vegan would have been impossible!  I have continued to be a vegetarian though so all things considered I have been a very good girl. Xx


Tasty snack

Sew. After being off the gym for 2 weeks things were back to normal today.

I bought some fruit for our smoothies after the gym and came home to prepare them. Anyway, as I was clearing out the fridge I came across the bottom half of my butternut squash. I was about to chuck the seed away when I thought, why not roast them, so I did.

My own recipe below.

  • 1tsp olive oil
  • 1/2 tsp cumin
  • 1 tbls nooch (nutitional yeast)
  • a pinch of cayenne pepper
  • a pinch of salt

Seeds before washing

Seeds before washing

After washing and patting dry

After washing and patting dry

After adding the oil and spices

After adding the oil and spices

Roast for 10 miutes

Roast for 10 minutes

After roasting

After roasting

Ready to serve!

Ready to serve!

  • wash the seeds
  • pat dry
  • add spices and oil,
  • mix around.

When mixed put on a tray.I used parchment paper. I roasted them in a pre heated oven on 175-180. I heard a pop. I guess that was something to do with the moisture escaping whilst drying. I had eaten them before I started this post. They were tasty. A little kick due to the Cayenne pepper. Maybe I’ll add less next time, how much is less than a pinch!!


Vegan Popeyes Bonafide Chicken (Vegetarian)


Sew, On Facebook, I am a member of Vegnuary page. I had to be approved, surprised I was, well not really, as I had emailed the starter of Vegunary and was asking advice so was already in there! So, anyway, there was a link to a website, and although advised against promoting another blogger, this lady is amazing and only does food, where’s I’m an all rounder. I saw this recipe for “Fried Chicken”, which I have been missing like crazy. I’m not afraid to say it either. I miss Scrambled Eggs and KFC Chicken wings. So, I immediately bought my Gluten Flour from Amazon which took AGES to come. It eventually arrived and I knew I had to wait for the right moment to make it and the opportunity came on Friday night. I told the boy that I fancied chip shop chips and was going to make Seitan (because that is what it is) to go with it. I also have some in a tin which I bought from the local Asian Supermarket but didn’t know I could make it from scratch. Anyway. I’ve added a link to her page. Just a couple pieces of advice.

If you don’t like it spicy don’t add ANY hot sauce. I nearly blew my eye sockets out with the sauce that coats the  seitan pieces. I do have some hot sauce in the “chicken” which is more than enough for me. I put in less like she suggests. My NoEgg is rubbish and doesn’t look anything like hers so I made a batter with Flour, Soy Milk and mustard and this coats the chicken perfectly. Do this  only when you have time to do it. I made half of the quantity that the recipe and this was more than enough for me. Half the recipe would easily feed 6 to 7 of me. I’m not a masssive eater but I do love my food so won’t shy away from extra portions. You’ll also need to top up your stock (broth) a couple of times too when boiling the pieces. When I had cooked a couple of test pieces even the boy said it was Ok. So it can’t be too bad eh?

I forgot to take pictures when it was cooking but did take these. Uncooked and left overs!!!

Uncooked Seitan pieces

Uncooked Seitan pieces

Cooked Nuggets

Cooked Nuggets


Banana Pancakes

Sew… the boy bought loads of bananas home a few days ago and I knew I had to use them the best way I know how, Banana pancakes. I would usually only do this on a Sunday but seeing that I am off for the summer, I have time to do them in the week, the added bonus is that they freeze fantastically. Below I have tweeked my recipe with only a few ingredients that you may have in the cupboard at home. Obviously this is without eggs which is a bonus. 😆

110g Oats. if you have a food processor, blitz them. If not, don’t sweat it. 

75g Brown Self Raising Flour, Or White S-R flour

350ml Almond flour, or any non dairy milk to your liking

2 bananas mashed. Mash them in the skin before peeling, makes it a bit easier

I guess I really should half the mixture but haven’t got round to it!

Either serve with The Blueberry Sauce, Maple Syrup or Agave Nectar

20150813_095343 20150813_095328
The banana pancake mix. I did blitz the oats so the pancakes were smoother Blueberry Sauce made from my favourite recipe book Thug kitchen


20150813_100037 20150813_102113
Banana Pancakes frying Healthy Breakfast