House Renovations

Sew, as our quest to make our house of bricks and mortar into a home this is the weekend where the living room will become liveable again. The plastering has been done and the floorboards laid. It going to be a messy, dusty and noisy 2 days.

The bloke rented a sander and edge sander after I complained and said this is not a job to be done by hand… Let’s see how this goes.

This is a small part by the front door. I wanted our sofa back, that’s what’s on the right of the picture. All these boards have been treated, rough sawn and the wood is Scandinavian Larch.

These are all new treated boards in the front bedroom. The bloke finished this last night and I’m so proud of him. X


Sew, today the bf asked if I wasnted to go for an after work drink. He is on a no carbs thing but decided not to be today. I say yes. So after we find out the pub doesn’t serve mulled wine or Jamaican coffe, I had to order black coffee and a shot of Tia Maria. Sew after 3 of these I’m very awake.

My sister in laws sister owns a couple of Nurseries and had posted on facebook that they are holding a table top sale. So I ummmed and ahhhed and decided that I should do this. How the hell else am I going to promote myself…

So tomorrow, the bf has got me my birthday pressie early and I have to go pick it up, Crafting stuff basically…I have to get myself in gear and works my little tushy off. Wish me luck…

Your Zone

Your Zone StudioSew, a new gym opened up near me called Your Zone Studio.  Well, it’s very near to my tube station to work. I went past a few times when it first opened and even picked up a leaflet. Promising to burn up to 1000 calories, this is a good thing right? I thought about it and ummed and ahhed then thought, go for it. The option to have a free session also helped. So I signed up on the website and received a call the next day from a guy named Danny. He asked me a couple of questions, like “Why I wanted to join a gym?”, all the usual stuff and a time was agreed for the next day. This was during the school holidays so it was easy to say yes to tomorrow. I went down and although Danny wasn’t there, I had a really good session with Charlie (girl Charlie). I got a phone call from Danny later that day asking me how it went, Great, I said. I asked how much it was to join and was told. The rate seemed pretty reasonable so after looking at my finances in more details, I finally  said “Yes!”.

I have been going for just over a month now and my fitness is definitely improving, so I’ve been told by Alex (guy Alex). I have set days and times that I go which work brilliantly. Even when I get off the tube and I’m  feeling tired and either walk,or run if I’m running late,to the gym, I ALWAYS leave feeling fabulous. I’m still trying not to eat junk when I get home and sometimes it works, sometimes not. I’ve only missed 2 days on the weekend (laying in bed is so nice). Actually, me and the bf had to go and look for a new car, so that was one of the reason I missed one session.

I should have put in an extra day this week as last weekend was a missed session (make it 3 missed). A weekend away with the girls to Margate for a friends birthday. A rugby watching, Prosecco drinking, looking up at the night sky, pizza eating weekend. I felt the drink sweating outta me on my first day back exercising. I should have gone today but needed new Knives and am a bit knackered to tell the truth. So yeah, fitness up dates maybe coming up… Also an added bonus. They email your results to you as soon as you finish your workout, so even though you can see how hard you worked whilst you’re there, you can look more closely at the results later. So loving it xx

Your Zone Studio

Your Zone studio, Colliers Wood

So if you want to work out like me CLICK HERE and if you sign up now you get a free trial

Quilt quest

In the New Year of 2014 a new magazine came out. Now being VERY new to sewing (through the soft furnishing course) I thought this would be a good thing to do. Now, July 2015, I am about 1 year behind. I have embroided 27 squares- I should have done about 85 by now – Any way, my quest continues. I will try and do at least one a week, Here’s hoping.

Your encouragement would be appreciated xx


Older Stuff

So, A little while ago I got into watching Bones a great American TV series, bear with me. For those that have yet to see this programme, it centres around the Jeffersonian Institute. A team of six mainly, tries and succeeds in finding out the cause of death from bones hense the name. Temperance Brennan  (an anthropologist) and Seeley Booth (an FBI special agent) turn up to the scene of, I can’t really say a crime, a place where there are bones. It might have been a body was moved there, trapped/burned or murdered there. Their job is to find out who they were, etc, etc, etc… Very gripping stuff and seeing that I have seen many episodes from Series 7 & 8,  I know what is going to happen in their personal lives, I just wanted to see how they got there.


Newer Stuff


So Scandal….OMG, LOVE IT with a passion.

I was gripped from the first minute of the 1st episode. Not like Breaking Bad which I don’t like at all. People have said stick at it, it’ll get good in series 2 but I can’t be bothered with all that nonsense. Why waste my time on getting through a series that I am bored with. Anyway, back to Scandal. Based around Olivia Pope. A fixer. You kill someone, she can fix it. You’re a high powered man or woman and you need to give a good image to the press, she can fix it. Someone you love has gone missing she can fix it BUT her main person she (used to) fixes is the President of the United States, Fitzgerald “Fitz” Grant. Hot totty that Olivia tries and fails to stay away from. The have MAD burning, can’t stay away from each other chemistry.

Fans now await series 5, can’t spoil the end of series 4 if you have yet to see it but it is BRILLIANT.

Newer stuff

Last year I happened upon a series, entitled “My Mad Fat Diary”. Based on the book written by Rae Earl.                                                                                                                                                             A real life diary written by an overweight, music mad, boyfriend crazy 16 year old girl in the 90’s, a great musical decade. One of my fav’s actually. The decade I discovered Indie/rock and alternative.  Anyway this diary is of her accounts going through life with a mental illness, her mother being married to a Moroccan and her fit totty boyfriend Finn.