Storage Tin

Sew…I decided to make some storage tins to give as birthday pressies to friends.

Last year I gave cushions, this year it HAD to be something different.

As I said, I work in a school so I use tin a lot. Baked Beans, Kidney beans, tomato puree all sorts, so, only when I had the car, I took tins home accumulated over a few days.

I have progress pictures, as always but if you want instructions just tell me…xx

Tin before I sprayed it After spraying Strips of studs
 Tin before I sprayed it  After spraying  Strip o’ studs
Studs on tin Adding diamantés to the tin Added diamantés, took ages!
Studs on Tin Adding diamantés to tin Added diamanté to tin

Finished tin. Check the tidy table too!

Finished tin. Check the tidy table too!

Skirt Making

August 11th 2015

Sew, I’m going bowling on Saturday with The Positive People Of Hill Valley Preservation Society, PPHV. And I need a skirt for the occasion.

Last year, I went to Secret Cinema, Hill Valley and hadthe most spectacular time and met some great people. This has led to a group of people getting together purely from meeting online, sorta online dating, without the dates, well except for the occasional meet up.

I went to Nandos with a few of them a few weeks ago to celebrate a New Job offer for one of the girls. She has just left Uni and has got a job as a Graphic Designer, well done Chickie!!!  Some LOVELY food was had. It has changed so much over recent years. They’ve added a new flavour, Lemon and Herb was always my favourite though.

So, back to my skirt. I bought the fabric some time ago (well, that is what I will tell the boy). I bought it on Saturday from Shepherds Bush. I was quite overwhelmed by the choice in some of the shops but found the PERFECT one, well 2, helped along, making a decision by Connie 🙂

Ill be using the blue one for my skirt and the black one for a dress

I’ll be using the blue one for my skirt and                       the black one for a dress

There are loads of posts on YouTube as to how to make a Circle Skirt so I won’t go into it here as I’m not going to make a video and I’ve already started to draft my pattern. Just waiting for the fabric to dry.

More on that tomorrow!!

August 16th 2015

Sew, as I was saying. I forgot, yet again, to wash my fabric as Soon as I walked in the door. Well I was hiding it from the boy so it made sense. Anyhow I finished the skirt…after a small hitch, trying to re thread my overlocker, which I had not done before. I have had my GORGEOUS overlocker for 3 months now and this would be the first time that I was using it.  So that was challenging,  running out of bobbin thread:don’t you hate it when that happens and thus messing up my hem. I finally finished with about an hour to spare before I had to leave. I’m silly and didn’t take a picture with it on me so will add a picture tomorrow .



Chinese Top

We had Chinese New Year coming at at school and I had 4 days to make a top. We had to do it a week before as we would have been on half term.

IMG-20150205-WA0003IMG-20150205-WA0001I found the pattern and the fabric at the same store. I had been eyeing this fabric for a while so hoped it was still there.

It certainly wasn’t the easiest pattern to work with. New Look not easy…Simplicity, I’ll tell you when I’ve done one…I’ve not got instructions from the pattern sheet obviuosly but I have pictures of the stages. I worked on the top (not including the cutting of the pieces) from 4pm until about 10pm for four days. I’ve yet to wear it out, but I will when I finish off the dodgy edging that is on the top now. This was before I got my overlocker!


Side seams done Black piping added
Side seams done Black piping added
Frog closures added Back view
Frog Closures added Back View


All in all, it wasn’t too bad but next time I would definitely not add Frog closures as It hid the piping which took me soooo long to do.
When I tidy up the seams and wear it I’ll post a picture…






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Quilt Quest

In the New Year of 2014 a new magazine came out. Now being VERY new to sewing (through the soft furnishing course) I thought this would be a good thing to do.


Now, July 2015, I am about 1 year behind. I have embroided 27 squares- I should have done about 85 by now – Any way