The season of cards

Sew, tis the season to make cards. I’m not talking Christmas Cards, I’m talking family cards. I have 8 to make between mid October and the beginning of January. And as usual I wait until the last minute. Will I ever learn, ha, nope.

Below was actually the 3rd card I made and done in super quick time, 2 hours. It was for the OH Dad. Very pleased with it.

                             Happy birthday

                          Happy Birthday

Before this one I had my Nephews and the OH Mum to do. They had to be ready on the same day. As before her card took about 3 hours. The Nephews took about 6 hours over a few days but very happy with the results.

Used my quilling comb for this.. LOVE IT!

Sending you hugs stamping used here

My piece da la resistance… I’ve picture edited the sun in over his name

He likes the stage

If you’d like more details how I made these… Just ask.

Now,  off to work xx



Sew, The boy and I decided to have a Braai BQ. It was originally supposed to be our moving in Barbeque, but was changed to an end of the summer one, as we realised that we would not be moving beforehand  😥

The boy got LOADS of meat,far too much in my opinion, but what would I know, I’m only a woman and a vegetarian.  We had also bought some plates and platters about 2 months ago that had cactusus on them and also colourful bowls that would go with the Mexican theme which we decided upon.

I had wanted to make bunting for sometime now and this was the perfect time to do a project.

Tehe butiful fabric, from my stash

The  beautiful fabric, from my stash. I didn’t use the small flower fabric at the end!

This is fabric that I already had in my stash. It was actually a Christmas bundle that I bought from Elephant In My handbag. I was going to use it to make a baby cushion, but couldn’t part with it…my bad!

Sew,  I bought 2 yards of bias binding in a gorgeous orange colour.




My triangle







I cut out 22 flags (11 flags in total) that were 23cm on both sides and 10cm across the top.

Each fabric was a fat quarter so it was plenty.

Now usually you can measure exactly where each flag was going to go but I lay the bias binding down, taking a bit off the ends to allow a loop for hanging. So the first flag was 23cm from the end and each flag was approx 16-26 cm apart. That seems like a lot but the first one is 16cm the next 26 so it varied. I did kinda do them so they were about the same, by sight first then with my ruler.Crawling around the floor.

It was good to have bias binding as I only had to sew the flags to the bunting rather than all the way along. Also I wanted them to last so I sewed them together rather than leave a raw (pinking shears) edge


Bias binding open







So the flags were all pinned together, sewn, leaving the top open, turned and pressed so there was a clean crisp edge.

I then pinned each flag to the pre determined point on the bunting and used a decorative stitch to attach


Pressed seam

Decorative stitch






My bunting x

Sew that was that! I guess you could applique letters on a plain flag for a child or event and next time who knows what my bunting will look like  xx

Card update and deadline

Sew, yesterday I went to the Christmas fare to sell my cards.

I have been doing them for the past 2 weeks (weekends off because I’ve had hangovers, due to birthdays) Every evening I have been making 2-4 cards an evening. I have watched about 3 hours of TV during the 2 weeks and I have neglected the boy. I bought a paste table, twinkly lights and managed to  get change from work.

The boy and I stayed up until 2 am. My Mum stayed up until about 11 pm, putting my business cards in each bag. I was making cards and the boy decided to make posters and a little synopsis of what I do.

Card update


I have been so busy making cards that I have lost a nights sleep worrying about it 😥 BUT, as things turned out I managed to cancel the Table top sale fair and have managed to get onto the Christmas one instead. It is much better suited to me and has enable me to go crazy overdrive with the cards and I have a much more impressive stock. I had also managed to make 3 cushions at eh same time but my serger has decided to do the dirty on me and I have a messy seam. I put the cushion down, packed the serger away and went back to the cards. I really don’t need that negativity in my life right now and I would get more annoyed rather than finsh the cushion on a good note, so for now another 3 UFO’s!   You see the state of the crating space, although I clear up every few cards when I can’t find things. It is so hard to do them after work each day but I am managing about 3 and evening which I think is pretty good going, So until next time, probably after the event I shall leave you with a picture of my tidy(ish)…(WHO AM I KIDDING), work space




My paper in a kinda order!

My paper in a kinda order!

My card drawer, contains small card stock, sticky stuff and odds and sods!

My card drawer, contains small card stock, sticky stuff and odds and sods!

Unfinished cards

Unfinished cards





Sew, today the bf asked if I wasnted to go for an after work drink. He is on a no carbs thing but decided not to be today. I say yes. So after we find out the pub doesn’t serve mulled wine or Jamaican coffe, I had to order black coffee and a shot of Tia Maria. Sew after 3 of these I’m very awake.

My sister in laws sister owns a couple of Nurseries and had posted on facebook that they are holding a table top sale. So I ummmed and ahhhed and decided that I should do this. How the hell else am I going to promote myself…

So tomorrow, the bf has got me my birthday pressie early and I have to go pick it up, Crafting stuff basically…I have to get myself in gear and works my little tushy off. Wish me luck…

Babushka doll cushion, Butterfly cushion and cupcake cushion

The truth about these cushions

The first cushion that I made and what made me want to keep making stuff. This is where it all started. It took about 4 weeks with a little bit that we had to do as homework..

I cannot remember how I done the Russian Doll cushion as this the second one I made. I done this in my soft furnishing course with help from the tutor. It took about 4 weeks to do and I added some embroidery to make it even nicer so yeah.

The cupcake cushion was made for a friend of mines birthday. I was on a roll and was making them for everybody. I have other pictures that I have to find.

Butterfly cushion Babushka cushion IMAG0382
Butterfly cushion Babushka Cushion Back of Babushka Cushion
IMAG0399 IMAG0402 IMAG0379
Cupcake Cushion Back of Cupcake Cushion 2 Cushions and a bed runner that I made too

This is the first item of clothing that I made for myself. I (and millions of others it seemed) had purchased Love to Sew magazine and go the very popular Ruth Dress pattern. I made it after umming and ahhing at it for AGES. This is before I sewed the zip in and was made up that I actually got this far.


I’ve yet to wear it 😳 but now that it is winter, I shall be taking Dawn O Porters advice and putting on a black polo neck under my dresses for more wearability during the colder months.

And one another post I do have my Chinese Top.

I have also got a skirt I made a the beginning of the year which I have yet to wear and of course the dress worn to my Sis-In-Laws Mums birthday in June.

Due to me not wearing my creations I have decided next year to take part in The Me-Made May challenge next year. Read about it HERE and see you soon

Christmas Cards

Sew yesterday, I went to WHSmith to buy a Love To Sew Magazine. My eye was caught, as always, by the other colourful crafting magazines. Make this now, and Christmas card makes etc. I knew that I had to start thinking about my Christmas cards and also getting back into making cards, as I said before I have become lazy on that front. So I picked up two. Make Christmas Cards, Bumper Pack and Paper Craft magazine. Now I’m not usually swayed by gifts, but I had just been paid so I was in need of a present to me!.

I bought them home and put them to the side. I woke up the next morning and flicked through the Christmas Card Magazine. I was on my Amazon App within 5 minutes purchasing 3 Acrylic Blocks and a quilling board. Now…I have had stamps from other magazines in the past and have just thought “Meh”. I am now converted…insert halo music 💡  I have just this minute done 3 stamps with my Acrylic blocks and they will change the way I make Cards in future…


First Stamp from Christmas pack

First Stamp from Christmas pack

Scandi inspired stamp

Scandi inspired stamp

Do you know how much I frigging LOVE LOVE LOVE the Scandi Stamp. And in Pink too! I almost had a heart attack, no lie. That is why I am writing this this second

Or as the kids in my School might say, That looks sic Miss.

Updates on cards I make Will definitely follow. So no TV this evening, well until Goggle Box Obvs!!

And shout out already goes to ↓


Magazine will be well used

Magazine will be well used

Some papercrafts

Sew, there have been a few birthdays recently and much to my disappointment, I have not been my usual crafty self and made the cards myself 😥 I always mean to, then it comes to a few days before hand and I think, it’s easier to buy them than make them. I sometimes feel guilty and then not thought more on it. Below are some cards that I have made and am very proud of. Sew, I’ve really gotta get back into it.  I might have to buy some stuff for it, which the boy will think unnecessary. If I hide the stuff… he’ll never know!!


Birth Card for Marley

Birth Card for Marley

Christening Card

Christening Card

Inside the Card

Inside the Card

Made from a template

Made from a template

For my brother

For my brother

For a friend. Inspired by a template

For a friend. Inspired by a template

A couple have been quick makes (with goodies coming with magazines) and a couple have been   done with more planning. Knowing what I wanted and achieving it. It does help when I don’t have 6 things that I want to make going on in head, and with Christmas 3 months away, I should start making some. Come Xmas Eve, I don’t want to be making any, as I have done the past 2 years!!


Storage Tin

Sew…I decided to make some storage tins to give as birthday pressies to friends.

Last year I gave cushions, this year it HAD to be something different.

As I said, I work in a school so I use tin a lot. Baked Beans, Kidney beans, tomato puree all sorts, so, only when I had the car, I took tins home accumulated over a few days.

I have progress pictures, as always but if you want instructions just tell me…xx

Tin before I sprayed it After spraying Strips of studs
 Tin before I sprayed it  After spraying  Strip o’ studs
Studs on tin Adding diamantés to the tin Added diamantés, took ages!
Studs on Tin Adding diamantés to tin Added diamanté to tin

Finished tin. Check the tidy table too!

Finished tin. Check the tidy table too!