Banana Pancakes

Sew… the boy bought loads of bananas home a few days ago and I knew I had to use them the best way I know how, Banana pancakes. I would usually only do this on a Sunday but seeing that I am off for the summer, I have time to do them in the week, the added bonus is that they freeze fantastically. Below I have tweeked my recipe with only a few ingredients that you may have in the cupboard at home. Obviously this is without eggs which is a bonus. 😆

110g Oats. if you have a food processor, blitz them. If not, don’t sweat it. 

75g Brown Self Raising Flour, Or White S-R flour

350ml Almond flour, or any non dairy milk to your liking

2 bananas mashed. Mash them in the skin before peeling, makes it a bit easier

I guess I really should half the mixture but haven’t got round to it!

Either serve with The Blueberry Sauce, Maple Syrup or Agave Nectar

20150813_095343 20150813_095328
The banana pancake mix. I did blitz the oats so the pancakes were smoother Blueberry Sauce made from my favourite recipe book Thug kitchen


20150813_100037 20150813_102113
Banana Pancakes frying Healthy Breakfast



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