Babushka doll cushion, Butterfly cushion and cupcake cushion

The truth about these cushions

The first cushion that I made and what made me want to keep making stuff. This is where it all started. It took about 4 weeks with a little bit that we had to do as homework..

I cannot remember how I done the Russian Doll cushion as this the second one I made. I done this in my soft furnishing course with help from the tutor. It took about 4 weeks to do and I added some embroidery to make it even nicer so yeah.

The cupcake cushion was made for a friend of mines birthday. I was on a roll and was making them for everybody. I have other pictures that I have to find.

Butterfly cushion Babushka cushion IMAG0382
Butterfly cushion Babushka Cushion Back of Babushka Cushion
IMAG0399 IMAG0402 IMAG0379
Cupcake Cushion Back of Cupcake Cushion 2 Cushions and a bed runner that I made too

This is the first item of clothing that I made for myself. I (and millions of others it seemed) had purchased Love to Sew magazine and go the very popular Ruth Dress pattern. I made it after umming and ahhing at it for AGES. This is before I sewed the zip in and was made up that I actually got this far.


I’ve yet to wear it 😳 but now that it is winter, I shall be taking Dawn O Porters advice and putting on a black polo neck under my dresses for more wearability during the colder months.

And one another post I do have my Chinese Top.

I have also got a skirt I made a the beginning of the year which I have yet to wear and of course the dress worn to my Sis-In-Laws Mums birthday in June.

Due to me not wearing my creations I have decided next year to take part in The Me-Made May challenge next year. Read about it HERE and see you soon

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