House Renovations part 2

Sew the floor sanding is going really well. After 2 shreddded sheets and one not sheredded, the bloke is using the last 40 grit we got from the hire shop. It isĀ  coming up nicely. Diagonal passes are done, and he’s doing along the grain now. Cannot wait to start painting next week if this finishes well!

House Renovations

Sew, as our quest to make our house of bricks and mortar into a home this is the weekend where the living room will become liveable again. The plastering has been done and the floorboards laid. It going to be a messy, dusty and noisy 2 days.

The bloke rented a sander and edge sander after I complained and said this is not a job to be done by hand… Let’s see how this goes.

This is a small part by the front door. I wanted our sofa back, that’s what’s on the right of the picture. All these boards have been treated, rough sawn and the wood is Scandinavian Larch.

These are all new treated boards in the front bedroom. The bloke finished this last night and I’m so proud of him. X