The season of cards

The season of cards

Sew, tis the season to make cards. I’m not talking Christmas Cards, I’m talking family cards. I have 8 to make between mid-October and the beginning of January. And as usual, I wait until the last minute. Will I ever learn, ha, nope?

Below was actually the 3rd card I made and done in super quick time, 2 hours. It was for the OH Dad. Very pleased with it.

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday

Before this one I had my Nephews and the OH Mum to do. They had to be ready on the same day. As before her card took about 3 hours. The Nephews took about 6 hours over a few days but very happy with the results.

Used my quilling comb for this.. LOVE IT!

Sending you hugs stamping used here

My piece da la resistance… I’ve picture edited the sun in over his name

He likes the stage

If you’d like more details about how I made these… Just ask.

Now,  off to work xx