Sew, The boy and I decided to have a Braai BQ. It was originally supposed to be our moving in Barbeque, but was changed to an end of the summer one, as we realised that we would not be moving beforehand  đŸ˜„

The boy got LOADS of meat,far too much in my opinion, but what would I know, I’m only a woman and a vegetarian.  We had also bought some plates and platters about 2 months ago that had cactusus on them and also colourful bowls that would go with the Mexican theme which we decided upon.

I had wanted to make bunting for sometime now and this was the perfect time to do a project.

Tehe butiful fabric, from my stash

The  beautiful fabric, from my stash. I didn’t use the small flower fabric at the end!

This is fabric that I already had in my stash. It was actually a Christmas bundle that I bought from Elephant In My handbag. I was going to use it to make a baby cushion, but couldn’t part with it…my bad!

Sew,  I bought 2 yards of bias binding in a gorgeous orange colour.




My triangle







I cut out 22 flags (11 flags in total) that were 23cm on both sides and 10cm across the top.

Each fabric was a fat quarter so it was plenty.

Now usually you can measure exactly where each flag was going to go but I lay the bias binding down, taking a bit off the ends to allow a loop for hanging. So the first flag was 23cm from the end and each flag was approx 16-26 cm apart. That seems like a lot but the first one is 16cm the next 26 so it varied. I did kinda do them so they were about the same, by sight first then with my ruler.Crawling around the floor.

It was good to have bias binding as I only had to sew the flags to the bunting rather than all the way along. Also I wanted them to last so I sewed them together rather than leave a raw (pinking shears) edge


Bias binding open







So the flags were all pinned together, sewn, leaving the top open, turned and pressed so there was a clean crisp edge.

I then pinned each flag to the pre determined point on the bunting and used a decorative stitch to attach


Pressed seam

Decorative stitch






My bunting x

Sew that was that! I guess you could applique letters on a plain flag for a child or event and next time who knows what my bunting will look like  xx