Sew, last year I heard about Veganuary in December. I have wanted to try being a vegetarian since I was in High School, but liked my meat too much. The main focus of Veganuary is to ask as mainly people as possible to become vegan for the month of January. One person not eating any animal products for a day would save 1 animal. Veganuary is in it’s 3rd year now and growing every year.


I emailed one of the organizers, Matt and asked would it be OK for me to go vegetarian instead of vegan. He said that he was vegetarian for many years before going vegan so of course it would be OK. This Vegunary gave me the little push I needed. I hadn’t really thought it through. I started on the first of February 2015. It was a Sunday. Usually on a Sunday I would have a fried egg on toast. Before I even got out of bed, I watched ‘100 reason to be Vegan’ on YouTube. I didn’t have a fried egg that morning or have done since. I ate vegan for 2 weeks, and that was it. I didn’t go back to eating meat although I did have a piece of Salmon during that 2 weeks. Trying to justify it, I know though that this will be my last piece of fish that I will ever have. I grilled it to perfection and had it with some New Potatoes and green beans. It was good and I have not touched fish nor flesh since. I tried to be vegan but turned vegetarian. I tried not to eat too many things with egg or milk in the ingredients but I was either too hungry of lazy to care. I love Halloumi and Cakes and I love snacks.

Toward the end of last year, Mid December, I thought “I can do this”, I have been almost vegan this past year, lets do this. I signed in again to the Veganuary website and pledged to do it. Long story short, I only done 2 weeks. I did become vegetarian though so I was/am doing some good.


So through out the year I was a vegetarian. Cutting down on my egg intake and cutting down on my dairy. Sew, toward the end of last year, I decided to do it again but being more prepared than last year.

Sew, January began and lets just say…SUCCESS!! I found it alot easier than last year, I guess because I knew what was to come and an idea as to what to eat. I was vegan for the whole month of January.

So, I class myself as still a vegetarian as I have products in the freezer and cupboard that need to be eaten, Quorn products mainly and also cheese, which is another matter altogether.

I also spent a week in France, in February, snowboarding on a full board basis so being a vegan would have been impossible!  I have continued to be a vegetarian though so all things considered I have been a very good girl. Xx


Major update

I have been very slack for the last few months. The bf has been promising to promote this blog as I have no idea how to do it which is no very motivating.  But none the less, I have been crafting, making and travelling to make heaps more posts so stay tuned.

P.S. School holidays have started so I can do loads of stuff I mean to do during ‘regular’ weeks.