Babushka doll cushion, Butterfly cushion and cupcake cushion

The truth about these cushions

The first cushion that I made and what made me want to keep making stuff. This is where it all started. It took about 4 weeks with a little bit that we had to do as homework..

I cannot remember how I done the Russian Doll cushion as this the second one I made. I done this in my soft furnishing course with help from the tutor. It took about 4 weeks to do and I added some embroidery to make it even nicer so yeah.

The cupcake cushion was made for a friend of mines birthday. I was on a roll and was making them for everybody. I have other pictures that I have to find.

Butterfly cushion Babushka cushion IMAG0382
Butterfly cushion Babushka Cushion Back of Babushka Cushion
IMAG0399 IMAG0402 IMAG0379
Cupcake Cushion Back of Cupcake Cushion 2 Cushions and a bed runner that I made too

This is the first item of clothing that I made for myself. I (and millions of others it seemed) had purchased Love to Sew magazine and go the very popular Ruth Dress pattern. I made it after umming and ahhing at it for AGES. This is before I sewed the zip in and was made up that I actually got this far.


I’ve yet to wear it 😳 but now that it is winter, I shall be taking Dawn O Porters advice and putting on a black polo neck under my dresses for more wearability during the colder months.

And one another post I do have my Chinese Top.

I have also got a skirt I made a the beginning of the year which I have yet to wear and of course the dress worn to my Sis-In-Laws Mums birthday in June.

Due to me not wearing my creations I have decided next year to take part in The Me-Made May challenge next year. Read about it HERE and see you soon

Some more sewing stuff

As this blog has been started almost 3 years into my crafting life, I have made stuff and not documented them properly. Below are a few things that I have made for friends (Cushions) and myself. You know when you need some twinkly music like on the generation game, like a catwalk type setting with all my crafts coming out one by one. I haven’t got any of that sorry!! I think each deserves a little story with it too! Yes!!

Cushion for Mel and Pete

Cushion for Mel and Pete

Back of cushion

Back of cushion

Sew, There were a couple of friends moving to Germany permanently and as leaving present I decided to make them a cushion. I had just finished my butterfly cushion and thought this was the perfect time to check out my skills without my tutor. I started in plenty of time and travelled far to find the right fabric, It’s got little houses on it. So I cut the squares, Some were wonky so I had to cut them ALL smaller. I was still making the cushion on the day of the leaving do. I arrived late which is a given with me and it was received with tears from Mel.

The reaction of the cushion being received.

The reaction of the cushion being received.


Your Zone

Your Zone StudioSew, a new gym opened up near me called Your Zone Studio.  Well, it’s very near to my tube station to work. I went past a few times when it first opened and even picked up a leaflet. Promising to burn up to 1000 calories, this is a good thing right? I thought about it and ummed and ahhed then thought, go for it. The option to have a free session also helped. So I signed up on the website and received a call the next day from a guy named Danny. He asked me a couple of questions, like “Why I wanted to join a gym?”, all the usual stuff and a time was agreed for the next day. This was during the school holidays so it was easy to say yes to tomorrow. I went down and although Danny wasn’t there, I had a really good session with Charlie (girl Charlie). I got a phone call from Danny later that day asking me how it went, Great, I said. I asked how much it was to join and was told. The rate seemed pretty reasonable so after looking at my finances in more details, I finally  said “Yes!”.

I have been going for just over a month now and my fitness is definitely improving, so I’ve been told by Alex (guy Alex). I have set days and times that I go which work brilliantly. Even when I get off the tube and I’m  feeling tired and either walk,or run if I’m running late,to the gym, I ALWAYS leave feeling fabulous. I’m still trying not to eat junk when I get home and sometimes it works, sometimes not. I’ve only missed 2 days on the weekend (laying in bed is so nice). Actually, me and the bf had to go and look for a new car, so that was one of the reason I missed one session.

I should have put in an extra day this week as last weekend was a missed session (make it 3 missed). A weekend away with the girls to Margate for a friends birthday. A rugby watching, Prosecco drinking, looking up at the night sky, pizza eating weekend. I felt the drink sweating outta me on my first day back exercising. I should have gone today but needed new Knives and am a bit knackered to tell the truth. So yeah, fitness up dates maybe coming up… Also an added bonus. They email your results to you as soon as you finish your workout, so even though you can see how hard you worked whilst you’re there, you can look more closely at the results later. So loving it xx

Your Zone Studio

Your Zone studio, Colliers Wood

So if you want to work out like me CLICK HERE and if you sign up now you get a free trial

Christmas Cards

Sew yesterday, I went to WHSmith to buy a Love To Sew Magazine. My eye was caught, as always, by the other colourful crafting magazines. Make this now, and Christmas card makes etc. I knew that I had to start thinking about my Christmas cards and also getting back into making cards, as I said before I have become lazy on that front. So I picked up two. Make Christmas Cards, Bumper Pack and Paper Craft magazine. Now I’m not usually swayed by gifts, but I had just been paid so I was in need of a present to me!.

I bought them home and put them to the side. I woke up the next morning and flicked through the Christmas Card Magazine. I was on my Amazon App within 5 minutes purchasing 3 Acrylic Blocks and a quilling board. Now…I have had stamps from other magazines in the past and have just thought “Meh”. I am now converted…insert halo music 💡  I have just this minute done 3 stamps with my Acrylic blocks and they will change the way I make Cards in future…


First Stamp from Christmas pack

First Stamp from Christmas pack

Scandi inspired stamp

Scandi inspired stamp

Do you know how much I frigging LOVE LOVE LOVE the Scandi Stamp. And in Pink too! I almost had a heart attack, no lie. That is why I am writing this this second

Or as the kids in my School might say, That looks sic Miss.

Updates on cards I make Will definitely follow. So no TV this evening, well until Goggle Box Obvs!!

And shout out already goes to ↓


Magazine will be well used

Magazine will be well used